Phil Duffy

CPO, Embodied, Inc.

About me

Product strategy executive and serial entrepreneur, with a proven track record for growing technology start-ups, and commercializing and launching innovative, highly successful robotic products in B2B and B2C markets

• Proven technology commercialization - successfully productized robotic A.I. platform

• Entrepreneurial funding experience - instrumental in raising $100M+ in Venture Capital investment

• Market growth focused – developed the largest commercial self-driving robotic fleet operating in public

• Go-to-market strategist – launched consumer products with unit sales of 15+ million

• Global perspective – extensive experience launching products in US, EU and APAC markets

• 20-yrs Leadership experience – led multiple B2B and B2C product, marketing, and engineering teams

• Robotics technology evangelist – frequent public speaker and spokesperson to press and industry analysts

• 15+ years in Asia leading Product Development and China Manufacturing for consumer tech products.

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