Michael Engel, President, IDWA


Welcome to the International Digital Worker Association (IDWA), where our guiding principle is "Empowering the future of business with generative AI: Balancing innovation with responsibility." In a world increasingly influenced by artificial intelligence, we stand as a pioneering force committed to the ethical and effective implementation of generative AI in the business landscape. We recognize the transformative power of AI to fuel growth, enhance innovation, and streamline operations. At the same time, we are deeply committed to maintaining high standards of ethics, transparency, and social responsibility, ensuring that the development and application of AI technologies enrich humanity and respect individual dignity.
Our multifaceted mission begins with Education and Information. We equip businesses with the essential knowledge and thought leadership required to deploy generative AI while preserving human dignity, autonomy, and diversity. We understand that the right kind of education forms the bedrock of responsible AI implementation, helping organizations make informed decisions that align with ethical considerations. Beyond education, we actively Set Standards for the industry by developing guidelines and best practices that emphasize fairness, accountability, and transparency. These principles are designed not just for compliance, but to usher in a new era of responsible technological integration.

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Empowering the future of business with Artificial Intelligence: Balancing innovation with responsibility.

In addition to internal initiatives, we believe that sustainable progress requires a collective effort. To that end, we Foster Collaboration by engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders from academia, industry, civil society, and governments. Together, we work towards crafting holistic strategies and solutions that leverage AI's benefits while mitigating its risks. Through our advocacy efforts, we Champion Responsible Innovation, promoting technologies that not only drive business growth but also tackle societal challenges and inequalities. The International Digital Worker Association serves as a guiding beacon in a fast-paced digital era, steering businesses towards a future where generative AI is employed in a manner that is both ethical and equitable.

Our commitment is to:

Educate and Inform: Provide businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to employ generative AI in ways that respect human dignity, autonomy, and diversity.

Set Standards: Develop guidelines and best practices that prioritize fairness, accountability, and transparency in AI applications.

Foster Collaboration: Engage with stakeholders from various sectors - including academia, industry, civil society, and governments - to craft holistic strategies and solutions.

Champion Responsible Innovation: Advocate for technological advancements that not only elevate business potentials but also address societal challenges and inequalities.

In a rapidly evolving digital era, the International Digital Worker Association stands as a beacon, guiding businesses toward a future where generative AI is used effectively, ethically, and equitably.

The board of advisors

Our  advisory board for the International Digital Worker Association consists of a diverse group of experts with complementary skills and backgrounds to address the multi-faceted nature of integrating generative AI into the business landscape responsibly.

Who are the IDWA members?

The advisory board is composed of individuals who, together, cover a broad range of these areas to ensure a balanced, holistic approach to the ethical and effective integration of AI in business.

AI Ethics and Philosophy: Individuals with a strong background in ethics, particularly applied ethics in AI and technology, can provide guidance on navigating the complex ethical considerations that come with AI integration.

Data Science and AI Development: Technologists experienced in the development and deployment of AI, especially generative algorithms, can offer insights into the practical aspects of implementing AI in business settings.

Business and Corporate Governance: Executives or entrepreneurs with experience in implementing new technologies in various industry sectors can advise on business strategy, risk management, and governance issues.

Law and Policy: Legal experts in technology law, data protection, and human rights can guide the association on legal frameworks and compliance, as well as advocacy strategies for responsible AI policies.

Social Sciences and Humanities: Experts in fields like sociology, anthropology, or psychology can offer valuable perspectives on the societal and cultural implications of implementing AI, ensuring that the human factor is not overlooked.

Government and Public Policy: Individuals with experience in public service or policy-making can offer insights into navigating regulatory environments and potentially influencing policy for more responsible AI use.

Academia: Professors or researchers who study the intersection of technology, business, and society can contribute rigorous analytical frameworks and latest research findings to the board’s deliberations.

Civil Society: Representatives from non-governmental organizations or community groups can provide a voice for public concerns and societal challenges that may not be immediately obvious to industry stakeholders.

Global Representation: Given the global impact of AI, having advisors from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds can ensure that a variety of perspectives and challenges are considered.

Industry Sector Diversity: Advisors from various business sectors such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and entertainment can offer sector-specific insights, enriching the association's understanding of field-specific needs and risks.

Why should you join IDWA?

Joining the International Digital Worker Association offers numerous advantages for individuals and organizations interested in the ethical and responsible integration of generative AI into the business landscape. Here are some key reasons why someone would want to become a member:


Access to Expert Knowledge: Membership grants access to a wealth of information and resources, including research papers, case studies, and best practices, that can guide individuals and businesses in making informed decisions around AI implementation.

Networking Opportunities:
Members can connect with like-minded professionals, academics, policymakers, and industry leaders. Such networking can lead to collaborative projects, partnerships, or even career advancement opportunities.

Professional Development: Through workshops, webinars, and conferences, members can continually upgrade their skills and knowledge, keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements and ethical considerations in the rapidly evolving field of AI. 

Guidance and Support:
With access to an expert advisory board and a community of experienced professionals, members can seek advice and support for navigating the complex ethical and practical challenges of implementing AI in their business operations.

Advocacy and Influence: Membership allows for a collective voice in shaping public and corporate policies related to AI. The association often engages in advocacy efforts, and members can contribute to these initiatives, leveraging their influence for responsible technological growth.

Standardization and Credibility: Being part of an organization that sets industry standards lends credibility to individuals and businesses alike. Members can display their commitment to ethical and responsible AI usage, which can be a strong differentiator in the marketplace. 

Cross-Sector Collaboration:
Given the association's engagement with stakeholders from academia, government, civil society, and various industries, members can benefit from multidisciplinary perspectives and insights that they might not encounter otherwise.

Global Perspective: As an international association, members are exposed to global trends, policies, and challenges, allowing them to think and operate on a worldwide scale, an invaluable asset in today’s globalized business environment.

Social Responsibility: For those committed to ethical practices and social responsibility, membership offers a chance to be part of a larger effort to ensure that AI technologies are developed and implemented in a way that benefits society and mitigates inequality.

Competitive Advantage: Being at the forefront of ethical AI practices can provide a competitive edge. Organizations that are early adopters of responsible practices are often viewed as leaders in their field, attracting both customer and investor interest.

Community and Belonging: Being part of a professional community with shared values and goals can provide a sense of purpose and belonging, which is often rewarding both personally and professionally.

How to join IDWA?

Joining the International Digital Worker Association is a straightforward process designed to welcome members from diverse backgrounds and industries. To become a member, simply visit our website and navigate to the "Membership" section, where you'll find a breakdown of our tiered membership options, ranging from Student and Individual Professional to Corporate, Academic/Research, and Government/Non-Profit memberships. Select the tier that best suits your needs and complete the online application form, which will prompt you for relevant information such as your professional background, areas of interest, and contact details. Upon submitting the form, you'll receive an email confirmation along with payment instructions. After your payment is processed, you'll gain immediate access to a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and other benefits tailored to your membership level. Welcome to a community committed to pioneering ethical and responsible AI integration!