Sergey Edunov

Director of Engineering, Generative AI at Meta (Llama 2)

About me

I’m a Director of Engineering at Meta. I work on Generative AI and specifically Large Language Models, I previously worked on Machine Translation. In my job I manage teams of research engineers and scientists that build state of the art AI models.

I co-authored more than 20 papers, was one of the first engineers on fairseq and Apache PMC member on Apache Giraph project.

If you want to connect, unless we work together or just met in person, please mention why you want to connect. Otherwise, your request is very likely going to be ignored. There is also a follow option on this page, though I have no idea what is worth following here.

If you’re reaching out about consulting opportunities related to Generative AI, please understand that your message will be ignored. I’m well compensated and already have enough things to do. I am not interested in any side gigs. If you’re reaching out to offer financial services, your message will be ignored and I might as well block you.

Otherwise, please feel free to message here or via Twitter (@edunov) I look forward to speaking with you!

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