Cal Lai

CEO & President, Ask.vet

About me

As a serial entrepreneur, I have always held to one truth when starting a new enterprise... the consumer comes first... the consumer always comes first. With four successful startups under my belt I am still asking the same question - Is our product consumer driven?

https://www.ask.vet is my latest venture and for this I dug a bit deeper into my own personal experience. As a diabetic with severe gout, my kidneys failed me at an early age. I weighed 325 lbs., was on dialysis and ultimately got a second shot at health with a kidney donated by the best sister a guy could ever have. Clearly I was struggling with my health and needed to make dramatic life changes. Then I discovered I needed a knee replacement and it seemed I was destined to be sick for the rest of my life. But with time and effort, I was able to find the support, resources and advice I needed to heal and I learned a lot about the ultimate consumer service, our broken healthcare system.

I took this knowledge and developed Ask.vet. Our app helps pet owners determine the severity of the pet’s illness and furnishes them with appropriate courses of action. As a pet owner, you will never again have to be alone with your questions, fears and worries. You now have practical medical support at the tip of your fingers.

I am proud to say that Ask.vet is helping hundreds of thousands of pet owners. With my personal quest and mission to help all sentient beings live healthy and well balanced lives, we are well on our way to fix healthcare for everyone.

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