Anastasia Sartan

CEO GetGenAI, founder Hire5.co, ex. Director of Product Snap.

About me

- I’m a seasoned Product Management executive with over a decade of experience overseeing teams that design, build and scale products with industry-leading audience retention. I’ve led teams as lean as 5 people and up to 100 at both early-stage growth companies and large matrixed organizations.

- I’ve founded and scaled three businesses in the e-commerce and marketplace verticals, launched infrastructure to scale Snap’s AR platform by attracting and retaining developers, and established the Product Inclusion discipline at Snap. Our North Star is building equity into the fabric of the product experience for all current and future Snapchatters.

- The key to my craft is combining data-science disciplines, a DEI-focused approach to product development and being comfortable making big, but calculated, bets. And doing all of this while fostering an inclusive team environment.

- I’m honored to have been given the opportunity to share my best practices at industry-leading conferences such as Grace Hopper, Founders Fair, Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference, Google Startup Grind, and more.

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