Arup Das

Director, AI Specialist GTM, UIPath

About me

What drives me: Personal passion to solve customer problems through modern digital technology stacks to achieve scale up and operational impact. I love working with C-level executive suite to identify core areas of a business and build quantifiable execution plans.

-I have unique combination of strategy and operational execution to produce quantifiable results with excellent problem-solving, communication, and decision-making skills

-I am skilled at building and motivating product and engineering teams and creating environments that produce positive results.

-I am fortunate to have been part of successful venture capital raises private and public exits.

-I pride myself in servant leadership. I am a mentor and coach to my team.

- I am a life long learner. I teach business level executives digital technologies including AI/ML at leading universities as an adjunct professor part time.

-Professional Skills: Team Development|Technology Budgets|Portfolio Strategy|Center of Excellence Development|Stakeholder Management-Domain Knowledge:Proptech, Single Family Rentals|Real Estate Brokerage|Financial Services|Law Firms|Accounting|Media|Bio-tech-Technical Knowledge: Analytics, AI/ML, RPA, Modern Data infrastructure, Cloud, API-led SaaS integration, and Agile-based software delivery.

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