Boris Kisko

CEO at SmartCom Global, Vice President at MAYWEATHER Boxing & Fitness

About me

SmartCom Global Inc. developed a software and hardware complex designed to analyze the audience of the outdoor advertising market. The product allows you to collect and analyze the following data about the user of the mobile device: routes of travel, time in transit, and most importantly - advertising and information structures that fall in the field of view of the routes. Comparison and coordination of the data will allow using analytics in the planning of advertising campaigns, and will also form the basis for a deep analysis of consumer behavior of the audience of advertising designs. Also, the system provides feedback to the user of the mobile device by sending him a unique contextual URL link or client UID.

SmartCom Global team has:

- more than 20 years of experience in the OOH market

- four years of successful experience in integrating and monetizing 30% of the entire outdoor advertising market in Europe

- SmartCom technologies are patented.

Mayweather Boxing & Fitness created by the most successful boxer of all time - Floyd Mayweather, it delivers industry-leading training & lifestyle platforms, products and experiences.

It is a rapidly growing fitness, media and technology company - building its brand in multiple categories across physical and digital channels.

Floyd Mayweather:

-the single most successful boxer of all time

-has 50 Wins and 0 Losses

-the World Champion since 1998

Mayweather Boxing & Fitness:

- over 230 franchises sold

- 100 Gyms open

- 100 additional locations planned to open In the next 12-18 months

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