Keynote: Token generation: the electricity of the GenAI era

moderator: Matt Marshall, Founder & CEO at VentureBeat. Speakers: Segey Edunov, Llama2, Director of Engineering, Gen AI at Meta, Kevin Tsai, Head of Solution Architecture, Generative AI and ML Infrastructure at Google.

About This Event

Artificial Intelligence is being likened to a new form of electricity, with its output measured not in megawatt-hours but in 'tokens' produced, indicative of AI's capacity to render services across various sectors. The burgeoning field of generative AI is set to revolutionize industries beyond just chatbots and document processing, with language models affecting diverse areas like life sciences and financial services, offering unprecedented connectivity. The panel discussion at the Digital Worker Forum, moderated by Matt Marshall of VentureBeat, will explore the future of Generative AI, addressing the production, demand, and ethical implications of 'token power' and its role in society's progress.

November 8, 2023
9:55 am
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