Practical AI Solutions Pitch Session

Gary Fowler (MC)

About This Event
  1. Chongkal Seng (Tely)
  2. George Levin (Hints)
  3. Vitaliy Tymoshenko (ContentBuilder)
  4. Sanjay Bhatia (Runday)
  5. Gary Chaglasyan (RestoGPT)
November 8, 2023
2:15 pm
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10:25 am

Panel: Large Language Models and sparks of consciousness

Moderator: Matt Marshall- Founder & CEO at VentureBeat; Speakers: Elena Lenena AI Global Product Lead, Google, Forbes 30Under30, Math Ph.D.; Valeria Sadovykh - Technology Strategist, Microsoft; Boris Kisko - CEO at SmartCom Global, Vice President at MAYWEATHER Boxing & Fitness

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1:20 pm

Keynote+Video: Robotics in AgTech

Speaker: Kevin Assemi, Farmer, AgTech, Water & Director Westlands Water District- Leading with Data & Rooted in Relationships

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